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“Success is the ability to live your life the way you want to live it, doing what you most enjoy, surrounded by people who you admire most”

Brian Tracy



The Success Habits helps people and businesses achieve goals, solve problems and find success in their field of interest with utmost dedication and honesty to provide clarity, save time and reduce risks.

Business Success

80% of startups fail in India within the first three years. We help in primarily three areas – business, marketing & design to make your business sustainable and profitable, and even kickstart ideas to a formal business. Know more…

Personal Success

We are never taught about how to set goals and priorities, and manage our time. There’s a lack of control over the digital and physical clutter. We help individuals (of all ages) to gain control over their lives and integrate the four key areas of life – Personal, Family, Health, Net worth. Know more…



Meet Dipender

Dipender has around 8 years of versatile experience working in over 8 countries and now, is working for an Indian company in the field of Product Management for Technology based products.

Dipender is an engineering graduate and a management professional from Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, one of the prestigious Business schools in India. He belongs to Delhi but has found a living in Mumbai. Apart from the job, he loves to study about areas of business model analysis, strategic management, marketing strategy & personal productivity during his off-work hours.

He likes to help professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners to analyse their business models, convert their ideas to a business, make strategic plans, set up their personal productivity system, deal with time effectively, set life goals and lead a stress-free life.

Dipender is also an author of ‘The Success Habits’ book and puts down his thoughts to words by publishing articles on his blog, YourStory Community, LinkedIn and Medium.



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